Why Get a Health Assessment?

Having a trainer to help create and conduct a workout session with you has never been so much easier like it is now! Made to Endure Fitness has a team of Certified Personal Trainers that travel to your home. This makes it easier for clients to enjoy working out without having to drive far or own a gym membership.

There are several pros in having a Certified Personal Trainer create a customized exercise program for you! However, Prior to creating an Exercise program, it is very important that the Personal trainer conducts a health assessment. Health assessments consists of conducting postural assessments, to be aware of any muscular imbalances or tight muscles, as well as checking a client's biometrics such as heart rate, blood pressure, weight, BMI and body fat%.

A Certified Personal Trainer is a qualified professional to conduct these assessments.

After your Initial Health Assessments, they share the results and give their recommendations and can help you find out what type of workout program they would like to create to help you achieve your fitness goals.

1. They ensure that you perform Safe and Effective exercises.

2. They offer a Custom, Professional and Personalized approach.

3.  Programs are based on your specific goals.

4. Motivation, Support and progress tracking.

5. At Home Private sessions are travel free!

6. You get a FREE Initial 30 min. Session.

7. Nutritional Coaching and Information.

8. Health questionnaires and more!


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